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BancABC Mozambique is a wholly owned subsidiary of ABC Holdings Limited (ABCH).
ABC Mozambique was incorporated in 1999 as BNP Nedbank (Moçambique), a joint venture between BNP Paribas and Nedbank of South Africa. In 2001 ABCH acquired 100% of shares in the bank, changing its name to African Banking Corporation (Moçambique) and eventually to BancABC Mozambique. The original product offering included Treasury Services, Investment Banking, Corporate Banking and Structured Trade Finance. This has recently been complemented by a fully fledged Retail banking offering to individuals and small businesses.

At BancABC we foster unique relationships with our clients, founded on our core values of passion, professionalism, integrity, people and innovation. To ensure that these relationships result in superior service delivery, we follow a holistic approach. Not only are our teams highly competent and committed, they have a wealth of market experience coupled with unsurpassed local insight.

We distinguish ourselves through:

  • An innovative Branch design,
  • Personalised customer relationship management
  • Service quality management
  • Innovative partnerships

BancABC has worked long and hard to come up with a range of innovative, easy to understand solutions that complement each other to add tremendous value to their standard product offerings.

Modern branch design, including 24-hour banking, transaction zones for greater convenience, a queue management system and meeter greeters to ensure you always know the right person to speak to.

Every customer has a dedicated Relationship Manager who will carefully analyze their portfolio to ensure they're getting the best possible service, as well as suggesting complementary products and generally make sure the customer is being looked after properly.

BancABC is committed to quality, as is evident from the bank's Service Level Agreements for all branches. This lets customers know we are 100% committed to speedy resolutions, rapid processing and genuine, helpful customer service at all times.

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